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7/16 I saw Nile\Origin\Hate Eternal\Arch Enemy

Oh my satan, my mind is blown. There's not a band more brutal than Origin - there's so much shit going on that is sounds like white noise, and the drummer didnt miss a beat.

Hate Eternal was decent, dragged out a little in the end, but very powerful for a 3 piece.

I was bored with Arch Enemy - the chick singer had a nice body however. Not my style of music.

Nile - what can I fucken say. As they played on they got tighter sounding. The new bassist/vocalist is fucken muscular. The pit was nuts, I dont think I have ever gotten more wounds from any other pit I have been in. Watch out for samoan looking chicks that are 5'7" 350 pounds wearing a t-shirt the size of new jersey with a big swastika logo on the front. I made sure to elbow her in the "fat"
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