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Originally Posted by PST 88
Repeatedly saying that nothing has any value is being a nihilist. Your signature is like the Nihilist Credo. Sorry if you don't like the label you've earned through your repeated statement of your angsty teenage beliefs.

Considering how this site started, I figure it'd still be up. The green screen wasn't always a big tab site, and '' sucked before Alex took it over. Just ask Jarrod. If you think that's a coincidence, or that it's all because of you, you're just helping my case for your inflated self-importance, which, again, is amusing if 'nothing anyone does matters to anything in existence ... it all amounts to nothing.'

Anybody who really wants your tabs can still find them if they're willing to look. They're still on the internet. They're not any less on the internet for being in this forum. That's the point of having a 'Pending Tabs' forum rather than having all submissions go directly to Alex and only to Alex, like they used to do. If that's not good enough, I guess you should complain about it more, and then let us know how important you are for being a tabber. I know I'm impressed, so somebody else probably is too. I know I've had a few conversations with Chris about how impressive being an internet tabber is, so at least he's on board.

Gotta be up for work in a few hours. I'll take this up again next time I come through.

It's funny you calling me a Nihilist because I guess 10 or 15 so pages back in the RTT I explained this entire system thoroughly and I think the word is "Hedonistic" - a religion where you believe mans highest accomplishment is pleasure. So, while I'm claiming nothing matters, and its true I believe this, I'm still abiding by laws and I'm still folowing rules and I'm still trying to have a great time and enjoy life. If you actually are even interested in what I have to say though you can pm me because I'm sure noone actually wants to see me justify my points. So, stop bagging on me for shit you know nothing about [the way I'm living].
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