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Originally Posted by PST 88
I was defending what I said, not directing that to you in particular. The entire gist of my first post was directed at Infinity and anybody who complains about the time it takes to archive tabs. I really don't understand a nihilist who claims nothing matters bitching about how his needs aren't being met by somebody over the internet. I didn't have a problem with anything you said in here until you directed something at me. Had I, I would've singled you out beforehand.

Well the idea that I took interest in tabbing some songs for people anywhere on the planet could access them, and gaining nothing from it, wasting my time to do it, putting in the effort without reward, but then not even having them archived is pretty ridiculous. All the tabbers are doing Nomad a favour, what if we just pulled out, what if noone tabbed anymore? Well, the site would probably keep running at this point with all the tabs already archived, but what if none of us tabbed to begin with? Then there would be no site.

And I'm not even going to begin to describe why I'm not supposedly a Nihilist who bitches about things. Actually, yeah I am, it's because I'm not a Nihilist?
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