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This show was awesome..

I talked to Phil and Oli from All That Remains, talked to Kevin Talley for a good while.. he actually approached me.

Spoke with Devin and Gene, and I'm on an Everytime I Die DVD.. yeh they suck but I'm on the DVD.

Gwar was amazing outside.. just amazing.

If they have this again next year I will be there.

I left early though.. Because after GWAR, Unearth and Chaimara all in a row.. then Opeth comes out with the shittiest tone ever.. and then plays shit off Damnation..

LAME, they turned it into a big hippie fest.. then Clutch went on next... now its a hippie fest with rednecks involved.

It was horrible.. was the kill a great concert.

I wasn't going to sit through that crap to see Poison The Well and Lamb of God.

I got really fucked up in the Strapping Young Lad pit aswell
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