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For Death Metal the whole scale sound I would combine. . . Natural Major and Natural Minor together a lot. . . 10 tones to play with(ex: A- B- C- C#- D- E- F- F#- G- G#-A). . . Incorporate Diminished. . . or stack Natural minor and Hungarian(same as Harmonic with an augmented 4th) or Harmonic minor(same as natural with an Augmented Seventh). . . This may seem stupid but it helps a bit. . . now lets see. . . chordally I'd use Inversion as much as possible but not constantly, and the root 5th seems to be very attractive in that style. . . hope this helps but like a lot of people have said you can make sure to use as much of Chromatic runs that you want. . . . then switch scales or resume the old one. . . . It's more or less a practice and find a sound and less or a theorhetical procedure but make sure you don't lose your own style and shit. Take it easy. . .
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