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It wouldn't only take a huge amount of time, but having a limited number of voters would be quite hard because there are so many bands that not many people here listen to (Take within temptation for example: I have several tabs of theirs for months and they haven't ever been rated... and I don't think any of the people who'd be chosen would listen to WT because, well, it's just less metal than we used for them to be... in the previous albums...)

This thing applies to many other bands (gothic is not really one of the top genres on this website), bands like Tristania and Theatre of Tragedy... oh it's an enourmous list.

Otherwise having a limited number of voters seems very advantageous to me... and I agree with tab voting from 1 to 10 (I am used to that from school...) It's sadly true what has been said: We will never get a perfect rating system... but I think the best thing is to see who the voters are for each song. So even if we won't get a selection of voters, I guess it's still good to see who the voters are.

About the hard/easy tabs matter, my opinion is that it's too much of an imprecise factor. My tabs are of quite easy songs (usually... it really depends, I love powertabbing more complicated things...)

I also would consider that a powertab is indeed more valuable than a normal guitar tab so I do not mind if a person has both the PT and ASCII of it - for making one I guess one deserves getting rated twice.
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