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From previous thread ...

Originally Posted by Junkhead
You mean that people can understand, and more importantly like, neanderthal grunts and screams?? call me old-fashioned, but I dont think i will ever get it...

Originally Posted by John Holland
You can scream/growl, anyone can do it, but can you sound like Phil Anselmo, Steve Tucker or Jens Kidman? Just as you can talk at different pitches ... but you're not going to sound like a professional vocalist. The only difference : With singing vocalists, the instrument ( voice ) is being used to convey melody. With modern extreme metal vocalists, the voice is being used to convey rythm. One conveys the chiming of a bird, the other conveys the clap of a thunderstorm ... It becomes a percussive instrument.

Assuming you had asked an honest question, we can establish that it has now been answered.

To "add an extra flavor" and "an edge" to the music ... unconventional music requires unconventional vocals ... When you create an instrumental that is essentially "abstract", you must have a vocal that is equally "abstract" ( if the music is to have a vocal ).
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