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Originally Posted by Junkhead
Not an attack on screamers and screachers and growlers and whatever else you people do...but I dont uderstand the point of all of it...I really really tried offense...I think it sounds retarded...and I want to know who is responsible for metal going this way...who started it?? The change seemed kinda sudden to me...but do people really enjoy it?? I just dont see how...I miss me songs mean more if they are sung...not screamed...Probably because I cant understand any of the words...but if someone could explain to me why all this happened and why they like might help...

i listen to some chilled out music with singing vocals and i cant understand them without reading the lyrics dystopia said "in "Brutal" metal the vocals are meant to sound inhuman. Think of it as "wow! that's a fuckin' monster on the mic!""

as for me - i go for the cult of luna style vocals, i dont know how to describe them though...
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Originally Posted by mrs. malicious
someone's a little behind

Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
I'll take you from behind!

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