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Originally Posted by Junkhead
Not an attack on screamers and screachers and growlers and whatever else you people do...but I dont uderstand the point of all of it...I really really tried offense...I think it sounds retarded...and I want to know who is responsible for metal going this way...who started it?? The change seemed kinda sudden to me...but do people really enjoy it?? I just dont see how...I miss me songs mean more if they are sung...not screamed...Probably because I cant understand any of the words...but if someone could explain to me why all this happened and why they like might help...

*sigh* Here we go again.

Ever heard of abstract art? It is A LOT like that. Not to mention the lyrics can be understood PERFECTLY if you just read them first. If you really like singing that much and won't be open to other vocal styles, than go listen to your singing, but don't bitch at us about it.

Another thing about it, in "Brutal" metal the vocals are meant to sound inhuman. Think of it as "wow! that's a fuckin' monster on the mic!"
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