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Originally Posted by briyo2289
i have a question about modes. If your using a scale that has 7 notes in it like normal, are the modes names still the same or do they change based on what scale your using?

See the thread on modes. It's based on what scale your using. Harmonic minor for example, has a major 7th interval instead of the minor 7th like the natural minor, this causes all our modes to shift due to that interval difference. For our modes now, it gives us modes like Ionian #5. Which in essence are more common to us, Ionian #5 = Harmonic Major. Phrygian Dominant (V) is another common mode of the harmonic minor, so yes the modes change based on the scale(diatonic), but very little, usually only an interval or 2, and they usually have a more common name than just Mixolydian b5b13. Correct me if I'm wrong theory buffs.
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