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Originally Posted by John Holland
I'm going to be straightforward and honest, I'm assuming that's the sort of opinion you are looking for anyway :

The screams are quite full, but your spoken voice just does'nt do it for me. A word about Corey Taylor though : Emulating his vocal stylings may not be the wisest ... as he's totally blown his voice out now. All in all, considering you were having an off day ( we're musicians, we all have them ), you did a good job. You certainly do have a future in this, so keep practicing.

And as a future reference, when you are giving us your vocal tracks, anything considered "nu-metal" is not going to be very well received : I think there's about two members here that like Slipknot. The rest hate Slipknot, basically. As Transient said, the fact that we don't like Slipknot, alone, is probably going to have an effect on our opinion. Any of the bands you see listed in the tablatures section are considered fair game, however, and will be most conducive to objective opinions.

woa... okay. thank you sooo much!!
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