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one of my fave songs ever:

and ahhhh...night of the vampire - a classic video. i love it when the snowball hits

edit: fuck, neither of those worked...damnit! will get em working
edit2: cant be arsed to get them working...

the vids were cult of luna - leave me here, and entombed - night of the vampire

both are on earache if you want to see them
R.I.P. Mieszko Talarczyk
1974 - 2004

Originally Posted by mrs. malicious
someone's a little behind

Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
I'll take you from behind!

-grindcore (featuring newHELLonEARTH)- Krossa
-"Neo-Classical Heathen Folk"- Ellylldan
-experimental/middle eastern themed/folk/ambient- Soft Temple
-experimental/post rock/downtempo- Silence Over Okhotsk
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