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Hahaha, oh, this got real amusing. Personally I think it's how the anti-religion thing is portrayed. If it's just a blood and guts of believers in a certain thing all over the place then I'm not sure I'd find that too cool. But there are many religions and some I do not agree with at all. I'm a Christian myself, but there's things about organized religions that I don't like. Like those nut jobs that are so political and think their way is the only way. But I'm not real versed in political things so I tend to leave them alone.
Were you meaning something in particular or just any religion in general?

One of the reasons I find the forum I mod at and this one so appealing is because they don't have the censorship that others do. I'm not just talking about language, but ideas and formats, too. I don't like the idea of being told that I can't write a particular thing because someone else doesn't agree with it. That's very undemocratic and completely against my religion, but I can disagree and express it if I want to.
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