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post your anti-religion lyrics

do as the title says please... here i wrote some.

In a thunderstorm from hell, the lightning is feirce.
The lightning is formed on the ground.. not in the sky, as it strikes the clouds setting the heavens on fire.
Flashes bright enough to blind you, roars of thunder loud enough to take your hearing.
Souls of the deceased are quickly running down the stairway to heaven as the stairway is collapsing.
All in the apocalypse in heaven.
Demons ascending, breaking down the pearly gates, deminishing the souls of the pure and fighting off the saints.
Everyone on earth is confused and crying.
Preists and ministers all terrified, clutching their bibles, reciting pointless verses.
There will be no happy ending.

when put into a song it won't be sung, but spoken in a sort of choirs of devastation, or dead flag blues idea. i whipped these up in a little while, during a thunderstorm. now let's see all of yours.
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