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Originally Posted by shimbolla
What a shame. I attack Dave Mustaine and you attack me. Personal attacks are just stupid on this board.
And by "gay", we mean "lame" or "dumb", not homosexual.
And dear lord. "You sexually insecure child"? Fuck. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on this. Good holy hell. Those mods are right. This does turn into a day-care center.
And please, don't reply with more insults or pissy hissy fits. Do you not remember The Golden Rule ??
Good day.

Dude, actually that was perfectly fine what he said. He had a perfectly good reason. Gay does not mean 'lame' or 'dumb' no matter how much you want it to be. Personal attacks are much more intimate than that like for instance me telling someone to fuck a tree because their mom rapes them up the ass with a spoon and that i hope they rott in hell. Not just calling you a sexually insecure child.
In the process of him insulting you, you indirectly ((but directly) which makes no sense, but see if i give a shit) insulted him by calling it a Day-Care center, implying that he was a child. Ok, so apparently you arent the perfect angel that you had though.

But back on topic... Mustaine doesnt sound girly, he sounds like he has a unique voce, which is rare (nowadays atleast). It is different, god forbid we should get some variety in this world. Cheesey, sometimes... but still unique. I personally love his voice, when i first heard it, i was like 'Wow, this guy must be getting his balls grabbed' but honestly, it grew on me.
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