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I really like Dave's voice on Killing Is My Bussiness-Rust In Peace but that is as far as I go with Megadeth. Although his voice does sound girly and cheesy it fits the music. But I'm sure most of the 80's metal bands sound like girls anyway.

Funny story: My friend is the lead singer/guitarist for a thrash metal band. Everyone in the band likes different styles. He (like myself) likes Thrash, Death, and Gridcore. However no one else in the band is crazy about Death Metal or Grind so he decided to sing thrashy. Well he played one show and started to sing like a classic thrash singer (well like Dave anyway) and it sounded really cheesy. So everyone agreed that he should just sing Death vocals since he can't do high vocals (Kreator, Exodus ect) So now the band sounds like Iced Earth meets Opeth meets Slayer meets Bloodbath.

Just an odd fact that if any new band came out and tried to do Dave's voice people would'nt take it seriously.
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