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Originally Posted by shimbolla
Just sound like your being anal-raped and want to like it even though the pain is nearly unbearable.
Seriously, Mustaine's voice sucks (in my opinion, at least). His voice is not only too high, but it is also too nasally. It's like a 5-year old brat bitching at his mommy for not getting the candybar he wanted. Dave is a perfect example of how attitude can, in some cases, make you sound extremely gay.
(I just scrolled down while typing and read more of the replies and realized all of what I said has already been said. So please, take the advice. Don't ever try to sound like that poor excuse for a metal-bashing man. Unless you sing about animals you'd like to fuck and why your wife left you for a man with a crooked penis. Then you could be a musical comedian.)

Die. Megadeth kicks ass. Mustaine has the balls to sing and play however the fuck he wants without caring about what people think of him. Even his regular speech make some doubtful of his sexuality, but he's clearly not homosexual, so quit calling everything you don't like gay, you sexually insecure child. I assume your opinion of Axl Rose's voice -or any 80's metal/rock singer's voice for that matter- isn't any different... How lame.
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