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  • any of those As I, as hope, as whatever the fuck
  • most if not all of those bands that have their name as a phrase (i.e. A Death for Every Sin) - come on what the fuck
  • Cattle Decapitation - man...I read an interview with this band and they are going to make people sick by their lyrics? hmmmm most people who listen to their stuff enjoy that shit so it is completely pointless. Fucking retarded vegans
  • Construcdead - hmmm taking construction and dead and putting it together...pretty lame
  • a lot of those bands that use the prefix necro- just totally makes them wanting to be more "BrUtAl" by using that. Hell basically any band that uses vulgar words for a title. I could care less but it just makes it really lame...kind of like the band Europe that did "The Final Countdown."
  • Prayer for Cleansing
  • Rifles at Recess

I think that's it
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