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When I saw Suffocation in February(in NYC), Terrance Hobbs(the black dude) was using a warlock with EMG's. Sounded pretty brutal, naturally, but that was a guitar... I'm sure he only uses that for stage though, I'd assume he uses something better for recording... unless Suffo are still heavily on drugs. :P

It was my first metal show, btw, and it brutally kicked incalculable amounts of ass. Cattle Decapitation and Behemoth played just before the did, and that was completely orgasmic.

Heh, sorry for not staying on topic(just realized this is bass zone), but I felt like I had to share the show with y'all.

If you want a fancy looking bass, try that ESP Tom Araya signature model, or some of their other basses. Ibanez make good basses too, to my knowledge.
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