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Originally Posted by shimbolla
Dude...not cool.
I refuse to say anything to any more newbs about bashing members past the newb status. There should be some rule in a sticky for people too stupid to except it as an unwritten way of an internet community.
And you can't expect anything too nice coming a thread like this. I did, in fact, read your post. You seem quite sure in what you want, yet have forgotten that most of us will not give a damn. I, presonally, I can't think of any suggestions for you.
Anyway, you seem like an intelligent and well-rounded internet companion. I just hope you don't fuck everything up by insulting and/or getting heated at members past newb status. Because that is a big no-no.

actually, I am aware of this unwritten law, and I tend to do my utmost not to flame/bash/annoy anyone whose opinion might differ from my own. however, when somebody comes to a thread I posted, presumably reads at least part of the first post but then screws it all up by posting the exact type of thing I have specifically advised against I feel I have the right to at least complain, whether I'm new or not.
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