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Originally Posted by Jittery Sniper
This is why images of Budah(sp?) always portray him with a large belly. It isn't because he was full of fecal matter and could not defecate, it was because he had so much chi and that his breathing was so perfect.

Hmm...I'd say most fat dudes (and especially morbidly obese dudes) would have some major breathing problems.
And the way to exercise this breathing thing is...breathe through your nose? Oh, wait. "breathe through your nose with your mouth closed and teeth together." Whew, almost missed that part. See, I'm a geek. I always keep my mouth open...yet breathe through my nose. And when I breathe in, my belly should inflate? belly has always deflated and made that farting sound when I breathe in. Thanks, that must be what I'm doing wrong.

(heheh, it's always fun to fuck with the jittery sniper)
Seriously, though, this thread is just another repeated technique with Buddah thrown in the mix. Oh well, we needed some more threads in the vocal forum anyway. Thanks for the contribution. And don't forget to breathe. It helps your vocal performance.
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