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Something just ate my cat!

Done in honour of guitar_demon. (well, not really but I can still dedicate it!)
An instrumental version of the song is on the website in my signature.

I look up towards a tree
when I hear some rusling of leaves
a cat that was there before
has now gone, nowhere to be seen

[1 riff gap]

the cat belongs to some children
now where could it have gone to
i aim to find before they realise
that their pet has disapeared
I roam the streets yelling its name
searching frontyards and trees
the cat it seems has disapeared
now where could it be

i want to find this cat soon
it wont be long before the kids are home
diapointment will line their faces
if their cat is not found now


A corpse I see
the cat lies there
in its blood

muscleces torn from bones
organs ripped and torn apart
drool left all around
this poor cat's body

A corpse I see
the cat lies there
in its blood

The cat i found was the one i saught
if i tell the children they will be distraught
a new cat i must find
so one more the children will be fine

[chug beer]

now the children will never know
that their cat was chewed from head to toe
and in the alley it was left
by some creature never seen

in my dreams
A corpse I see
the cat lies there
in its blood
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