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MY Theory Basics

As far as I'm concerned the most important thing to know for starting out on soloing and theory and improvising and shit is the minor modes and their moveable patterns. It's retarded to learn a million seperate keys like A minor, B minor, G major, D locrian and so on and which notes go in them when you can just treat them as one scale with variable strating points.
For each scale there is a set pattern of half steps (1 fret) and whole steps (2 frets). Just pick your starting note and go up the scale once or twice to figure out which notes you can use in the scale. Then you can change your key by just moving that same pattern up the neck to a different staring point. For example, most of us know the E minor scale, since that's what most thrash songs are in:
0---2-------D or, going straight up the neck: 0-2-3-5-7-8-10-12
This is your E natural minor scale, now if you want say, A minor, just move up your tonic (the starting note) 5 frets to A and pretend that fret 5 is your open string. So you get:
5---7-------D or 5-7-8-10-12-13-15-17
Nothing more to it then that. This is alot easier then learning every key individually. Even if you find moveable patterns confusing this is THE easiest way to learn keys. Just practice it awhile and try out different staring points. And once you have played around with any given scale/key using this method for a while you'll know it's notes anyway just like you would if you had memorized it and it's key signature to start off.
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