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Hi guys, good thread idea.

I posted a tab for Message In Blood some time ago..
Just recently, someone posted a new version... Speechless!

He says that it's not in drop-d tuning and then goes and tabs it for drop-d!
I haven't even bothered to try any of it. The positions are all wrong.

The solo is written in his, but I can't remeber how the solo goes right now - but I know it was fucking ace!

Anyways, this is a good thread. We should attempt to tidy up some of the tabs. I have the big book with the first two albums on it, but most of it is a load of shite. I don't read it now. I think that the version of Heresy from here is copied out of that book. A long time ago, I sat for ages trying to work out the main riffs for Heresy and I think that I prety much got them. I've never played it since or ever wrote it down, so I'll give it another go soon.
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