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could u tell me what is so special about nu-metal/whatever the hell u wanna call it cuz i dont get what it's purpose,its roots. they sound like little kids/girls so im thinking their roots are hair metal. and they dont know how to play in a normal tuning, they dont seem to have any real music expirence so they could be punk (not misfits aka the best punk).
the way i see my guitar playing/music, is: painting a picture with words is too easy, any moron/drug(rap/in my eyes) user could do that, but acctually sit down and make a song with out using words, thats pretty hard. i think i like insturmentals is because i have classical roots. but i just feal that it takes more talent to make that kind of music, acctual music. most of the stuff i hear on the radio is, the same as yoddaling(jibberish/in my eyes) but thats my opionion. be free to express urs too. sorry if i sound like a prick
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