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Originally Posted by bloodredthrone
they BOTH suck, this poem is not good. At all, shut the fuck up and reread it. Not even catchy or anything, these angry songs are supposed to get stuck in your head so you can get pumped or something when you think of it. Well that's probably far fethced, but this song REALLY SUCKS.

p.s.- yah mine was a pantera knock off, not even a good one. I'll stick to what im at least mediocre at.

I guess the big difference is that he was writing something to express his anger and you were writing something because you're trying to be a hardass and failing miserably. His isn't supposed to be a song, and anybody whose heads aren't firmly lodged in their rectum can easily see that.

So far you've contributed nothing more than hostility and raw, septic douchebaggery. Close your fucking shithole until you can say something worth reading.
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