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Originally Posted by Bia
That all sounds good on paper...but when (and I use experience only) the massive majority believe the modern bible is 100% correct and accurate...all hope is lost.

Massive majority? I disagree. The people you speak of are a minority if anything. The reason it seems like there are so many people like that is because they are the people that push their beliefs upon others... The rational Christians that are open to interpretation don't push their beliefs, they don't scream about how the Bible is the only absolute truth... because they don't believe it. I hope you understand what i'm saying. The closed minded people seem to outnumber the rational people because the close minded ones make themselves be heard, while the rational people don't.... I'm sorry, it's late, and it's hard for me to express my thoughts. For the record, i am 100% atheist, and i believe that religion is all bullshit. However, i don't insist that i am correct. If i did, i would be no better than the Christian elitists that we speak of.
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