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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
What a collosal crock of horse shit!!! I hope you folks realize that not all Christians are that ignorant...

....Please! Don't judge us all by the beliefs of a few.

That all sounds good on paper...but when (and I use experience only) the massive majority believe the modern bible is 100% correct and accurate...all hope is lost.

The "few" you mention seem to be the ones open for interpretation, meaning there are few that can think outside the limits of a book......MOST follow it to the letter when professing their beliefs or proselytizing.

And I havnt met a christian yet that doesnt believe the earth is somewhere around 4000 years old and deny the existance of dinosaurs or early primitive man.

I wish the ones like you mention were around...but they keep silent while their masses make fools of the religion.
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