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Originally Posted by Kylito
Pantera/Slayer/Morbid Angel plus three crap nu-metal bands - Cox Arena San Diego: Scott Ian was hanging out near us for a while. He shook all of our hands and seemed very cool and very short. He got busted by security for drinking a canned beer that he had scored backstage earlier. He pounded the rest of the beer and scoffed at the bouncer.

was that the Extreme Steel Tour?? man Morbid Angel was the first band...somehow Scrape and Static-X deserved to be after them...fucking jackasses...this was in Hamilton, ON. anyways me, my bud and two other random dudes sat down on the floor in defiance of what was happening. I also sat down when Soulfly was playing before Slayer in Montreal at some other show. people were tripping over us occasionally, but no one did anytihng about it, so we stayed seated.
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