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The most rescent gig I've been to is Hate Eternal/Psycroptic/Fuck... I'm Dead at the Espy.

I can actually give the exact set lists of Psycroptic and Fuck... I'm Dead because I've got a couple of souvenirs from the show. Both their set list sheets along with Jay's dirty fucking foot print stamped across it. I was fucking close to getting Erik's Jazz III too when he chucked it into the crowd.

Fuck... I'm Dead:
Twist Of Death
Anal Abattior
Barefoot And Shitfaced
Coliteral Damage
Colon Commando
Ruthless Aggression
Force Fed Brutality
Licky Webster
Burnt To An Absolute Crisp
Shop Front Whore
Inject Me With AIDS
Toilet Tantalizers
Jeffrey Dahmer's Cookbook
Slowly Raped With A Chainsaw
Shotgun Facelift
Delicous Dolop
Spray Me With Fecal Matter
A Fraction Off Death
Army Of Hermaphrodites
Fuck... I'm Dead

The Sword Of Uncreation
Skin Coffin
Alpha Breed (new song)
Condemned By Discontent
The Colour Of Sleep
Epoch (new song)
Carnival Of Vulgarity
The Scepter Of Jaar-Gilon

I had a fucking awesome time. I brought along my fellow med student friends, who are into punk and they had a great time too. They spent as much time up the front headbanging and stage-diving as me.

They were actually disappointed that the pit wasn't as aggressive as they expected, with that fuckhead bouncer being the most violent out of everyone but we're all still finding bruises and grazes all over our bodies.
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