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Death - Spiritual Healing tour at The Stone in San Francisco (or was it the Omni in Oakland? Definitely one of those two.): James Hetfield was at the show. At one point he sat down at the bar behind me and was talking to his two buddies about different methods of killing people (maybe they were bodyguards and had nothing else to talk about). At one point I glanced over and he was silent and looking in my general direction, so I said "What's up James?" and he responded "Hey." Then two of the fags that were standing around staring at him looked at me with the old "How dare you speak to James Hetfield" look on their face and I shot them a very smug evil eye and had a good laugh with my brother about it. The show was awesome and was by far the best Death show I've ever seen live or on video.

Sam Kinison - Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, CA 1989ish: Lars Ulrich was there with a bevy of four beauties surrounding him. At one point a foolish heckler shouted at Sam to "Get with the program!". Sam responded: "Get with the program? I'm the one that was getting my dick sucked by twins while doing lines of coke in a leer jet on the way over here. YOU get with the program. (giggles) I'll bet you were riding your bike this morning on your paper route saying to yourself 'I sure hope I make enough money to go see Sam Kinison tonight!'." The guy stood up right there and walked out of the venue with his girlfriend in front of everyone and it was a very cozy crowd in a circular theater with everyone watching him and laughing at him.

Megadeth - Peace Sells tour at The Stone in San Francisco: I had already been to The Stone for several speed/thrash concerts before and they generally had one large circular pit and maybe a smaller side pit sometimes. When Megadeth finally hit the stage the entire front half of the venue spontaneously turned into a huge rectangular pit of random mayhem with me right in the middle right of it. This phenomenom held up for most of the show which consisted of every song off the first two albums (except for the covers) plus a preliminary version of Mary Jane to start off the encore. Overkill had opened up, but they didn't stand a chance compared to Mustaine and the boys in top form.

Sam Kinison - Circle Star Theater (prior to the other show): A heckler decided to get in the action as usual. Sam had brought Jessica Hahn out and paraded her around. Someone shouted "Did you fuck her?" and Sam said "No, but I did fuck your mother in the ass while she knitted me this hat!!!" (At the following show Sam had already dismissed Jessica and had fucked her at that point. When the subject came up he tried to describe the experience by saying "You know the sound a plunger makes in a toilet? It was like fucking a big house slipper that made that plunging sound." [followed by his impression of the sound while moving his fist in a plunging motion])

Metal Blade tenth anniversary show in L.A. with Armored Saint, Lizzy Borden , and some other kooks: I was a college DJ at the time and a former DJ was working at Metal Blade and she introduced me to Jim Matheos of Fates Warning and I was like "You rule" or something. He said he was making a surprise appearance on stage and I misunderstood him to mean that Fates Warning would be playing a surprise set. My friend John and I set about spreading the rumor and there were a lot of very excited people near the stage. Jim Matheos and some other famous guy came out and jammed with Armored Saint on a cover of Judas Priest's "Livin' after Midnight". After Armored Saint finished a bunch of people were anxiously milling around expecting Fates Warning to come out and when they started to realize that it wasn't going to happen they started getting pissed off and we overheard someone say that they wanted to know who started the rumor so they could kick some asses or something to that effect. My friend and I slipped out quietly and had a good laugh about that one. I had made eye contact with the guy we had told (he was the one who spread it around) and he looked a little miffed, but kept his mouth shut.

Soulfly - Cane's Bar and Grill in San Diego 2004: I was wearing my "Jesus is coming... Look Busy" t-shirt which has Jesus in large print and the rest of it smaller plus a picture of Jesus with his arms spread up and out. Some drunk bastard actually got in my face and was rambling shit like "Jesus sucks!!!! Fuck Jesus!!!!" and actually looked like he was ready to fight about it. I gave him my "Boy, what in the HELL is wrong with you?" look and then continued on to the smoking area.

Snoop Dogg - Coors Amphitheater in San Diego around 2002ish: Four songs into Snoop's set a bunch of bloods wearing red T-shirts started a riot in the orchestra section and then got onto the stage and trashed all the DJ gear while Snoop was being whisked away by security. The concert was stopped right there. Very weird experience.

GBH - Fender's Ballroom in L.A. 1988ish: My friends and I were among a very small group of people with long hair. Everyone else was hardcore punk and back then they didn't get along with the longhairs. We stayed in the back with our backs physically against the wall and kept out of trouble. There were at least 10 fullblown fights and two hardcore catfights. A large shaved skinhead was in the middle of the pit the entire time just punching people as they went by him. When we were leaving, one of my friends decided to talk some shit to this guy and yelled something at him. We had to hit the gas because four giant skinheads started running towards our truck at full speed.

Death Angel - Fender's Ballroom in L.A. 1988: Some clown pulled a rag off of Rob Cavestany's leg and appeared to be very excited and proud of himself until Rob grabbed him by the hair and kicked him in the face. MX Machine opened up and was phenomenal live and people kept climbing up in the rafters and dropping back down into the pit.

Dark Angel - Fender's Ballroom in L.A. 1988: This was the first time I ever witnessed a pit whore in action. This cute blonde chick kept stagediving and crowd surfing over and over all night and thoroughly enjoyed getting felt up by all of the savages in the pit. I suspect she climaxed more than once.

Testament - The Warfield in San Francisco on the Practice What You Preach tour: This was probably the best live performance I have ever seen put on by anyone in a club type venue. Nothing more to say about that...

Pantera/Slayer/Morbid Angel plus three crap nu-metal bands - Cox Arena San Diego: Scott Ian was hanging out near us for a while. He shook all of our hands and seemed very cool and very short. He got busted by security for drinking a canned beer that he had scored backstage earlier. He pounded the rest of the beer and scoffed at the bouncer.

That's enough for now. Or maybe it was too much? A lot of other good concerts, but the off the wall random shit always sticks out in my memory the most. I gotta get the fuck out of here...
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