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I don't think I could tollerate a concert without them.
And Most of the time, the mixer wears earplugs - and they mix it as to what they hear.

Gig memories for me:

Metallica [1998] - That is quite awhile ago, and I was WAAAYYY up the back so my memories basically consist of small figures running around on stage and lots of noise.

Slayer/Machine Head [2001] - Still not many memories, this time, I wasn't quite so far away, but I was on a weird angle. They were both good though.

Devolved + others [2002] - Local gig, my last ever underage one too! Devolved were awesome, I was right up close. All other bands were somewhat to verry shit.

The Haunted/Blood Duster/Earth [2003] - First overage gig. Earth were fucking awesome, sadly that was the only time I ever saw them. Blood Duster, decent playing I wasn't quite so grind then, so I enjoyed it more than I would have now. The Haunted were quite noisy and screachy though entertaining.

Opeth/Alchemist/Chalice [2003] - 1 month later. Challice were utter shit, they had a fucking flute player for christs sake! Alchemist were quite good, though generally not my sort of thing, they played the songs I wanted to hear and I was happy.

SYL [2004] - There was some other band in support, but they sucked. SYL was tight and played quite nicely. Sadly they played many songs I was unfamiliar with, but it was still good.

Exhumed/Fuck ...Im Dead/Bludgeneor/Ebolie/Vaginal Carnage [2004] - Vaginal Carnage were really quite good. Another band I sadly will only ever see once (RIP Chris). Ebolie - Shit, and took too much fucking time, meaning that latter bands cut their set short. Bastards. Bludgeoner were quite good, but awfully generic. Fuck ...Im Dead were FUCKING AWESOME. It was the first time I have seen them live and I was in no way dissapointed, even though they cut their set short because of previously mensioned bastards. Exhumed, well what can I say, tight fucking good gore. They played the songs I wanted to hear, and they did it well.

Deeds of Flesh/Psycroptic/Fuck ...Im Dead/someone else [2004] - Fuck ...Im Dead were first, they were not quite as good as they were at Exhumed, but were still quite entertianing. Someone else went here, and were obviously quite unmemorable. Psycroptic were next. They played Lacertine Forest. I was happy. Deeds was next. Inresting. Tight. But slightly boaring. I had a good time headbanging along.

Devolved + other shit bands [late 2004] - Shit bands inspired much drinking. Rest of night = blur.

M.S.I./Garbage Guts/Rotten Chop/Gorverk [2005] - Gorverk had a shit mex, but were still pretty good. Rotten Chop were shit, plain and simple. Garbage Guts gave me wood. I love pitch shifted grind. M.S.I. were quite entertaining too. Sadly I was sick this night, and the bits of alcohol that I consumed didn't help this.

Megadeth/Dungeon [2005] - Dungeon got shit all time, and a poor mix. But they were decent. Megadeth were good, really good. They mixed songs togeather a bit (i.e. would start one song, and then change to another in the middle, then change back for the end) Their last song was something along the lines of "Holy Train of Mechanix ... The Punishment Due".

Hate Eternal + others -

There are probably more. But I don't remember.
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