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The old "leave me alone I'm old enough to make my own decisions and do what I want" vs. "as long as you're staying here in my house you'll listen to what I say." Believe me. Even this old girl went through that. I finally learned to smile and nod, and use a little common sense. That doesn't mean to give in, but be a little more private in my doings. I don't know how life goes for you, but when i lived at home and felt like that I was one first class brat. When I look back on somethings I did or said I wish things had been different, but I made them the way they were. Since some of those people are deceased so I can't go back and I can't tell them the mistakes I made. They made some, too, but we're all humans. My mom even said several years ago that she thought I really hated her when I was growing up. I didn't, but I had my own baggage I never talked about becasue it just wasn't done in my family. But my mom and I are pretty good friends now so that's cool. I hope things work out for you and if you need to rant or anything pm me. Maybe I can be a sound board for ya. Most of the time the only one I confided in was Jesus, but I guess that wasn't such a bad thing.
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