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hey, so i havent done anything useful here for a while. so i thought id make this thread. everytime i go to a concert i write down the setlist of the bands i liked and a few memories. so here are some of the concerts i've been to and their setlists. add on your own. its nice to have a log of what concerts youve seen and whether or not they played "that one song". plus, some funny things happen at concerts every now and then.

my first concert

Opeth/ Moonspell/ Devil Driver
February 21,2004

Opeth Set list:
Master's Apprentices
The Moor (First live US performance ever)
The Drapery Falls
In My Time Of Need (For those two Mikael used an acoustic guitar)
April Etheral
Blackwater Park
Demon of the Fall (Encore)

Morbid Angel/Suffocation/Satyricon/Premonitions of War

Suffocation Set List (Rough order)

Infecting The Crypts
Pierced From Within
Effigy of the Forgotten
Demise of the Clones
Subconciously Enslaved (At that performance Souls To Deny had not been released yet)
Thrones of Blood
Suspended in Tribulation
Liege of Inveracity

Morbid Angel
(Left early)
Pain Divine
Songs from Heretic
Drum solo from Heretic while setting up triggers

Lamb Of God/Children of Bodom/Fear Factory/Throwdown
November 13 2004

Children of Bodom Setlist
Intro (Yellow flashing lights and keyboard)
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Bodom Beach Terror
Needled 24/7
Everytime I Die
Six Pounder (Changed guitars)
Hatecrew Deathroll
Hate me!

February 19,2005

Suffocation/Behemoth/Cattle Decapitation/Misery Index/Devil Inside

Suffocation Set list(Rough Order)

Infecting The Crypts
Thrones of Blood
Subconciously Enslaved
Effigy of the Forgotten
Despise the Sun
Catatonia (Human Waste version)
Breeding the Spawn (Dedicated to all the women in the audience. "Because women want to kill people too!")
Tomes of Acrimony (Dedicated to Cattle Decapitation
Liege of Inveracity
Surgery of Impalement
Pierced from Within
Funeral Inception

All songs from Demigod except As Above, So Below and Christians to the Lions
Conquer All

Saturday April 2,2005

Cryptopsy/Cattle Decapitation/Skinless (The Autumn Offering cancelled)

Cryptopsy Setlist:

All of None So Vile
Drum Solo
Cold Hate,Warm Blood
We Bleed

During Cattle Decapitation's set Cryptopsy came out and dismantled the drummer's drumkit. They took off all his cymbals and after that Cattle Decapitation played one song (3 seconds long) and stopped playing.

Skinless's vocalist came out on stage with a popehat and and a gasmask. The popehat was later given to the "Pope of the Pit" a skinny black guy wearing a Pig Destroyer t-shirt.

Kreator/Vader/The Autumn Offering/Intraction

May 10,2005

A roadie told us before letting us in that Vader cancelled two days before. He said that Vader's vocalist had mad an excuse that their bus needed a new engine but that his voice was actually blown.

Kreator Setlist (Rough Order)

Choir of the Damned
Enemy of God
Voices of the Dead
Enemy of God
Terror Zone
Pleasure to Kill
People of the Lie
Violent Revolution
Riot of Violence
All of the Same Blood

Deicide/Immolation/Skinless/Despised Icon/With Passion
Wednesday June 1st 2005

Immolation Setlist(Rough Order)

Swarm of Terror/Of Martyrs and Men
Harnessing Ruin
Despondent Soul
Our Savior Sleeps
Challenge the Storm
Father, You're Not A Father
At Mourning's Twilight

Deicide Setlist (Rough Order)

Scars of the Crucifix
Once Upon The Cross
When Heaven Burns
Lunatic of Gods Creation
Children of the Underworld
When Satan Rules His World
and others

After Scars Glen complained that he couldn't hear himself in the monitor and that he would not play anymore if he couldnt hear himself and that he would break the monitors. Later on he began sweating so badly that his setlist ink was blurred by his sweat. Jack Owen's floyd rose broke so he switched guitars to a Hamer. Other guitar player was using a LTD DV-8.

well, thats it. post your own memories and set lists!
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