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I knew someone who used to hit their child with a "rod" because of their interpretation of "spare the rod and spoil the child." It was because of the way the church taught. Had I worked at Children's Services and known what I know now I would have said something to the people and if that wasn't enough, reported the church.
A woman seperated from her husband and was awarded custody recently because she feared for her life and her kids' lives. She was knifed to death the night before she was due to leave the state. The church had allegations against it for 5 fucking years and nothing could be done about the abuse and sexual misconduct because it couldn't be proven. It's about 5 miles from me!!

Please, please, please, if you know of any child being abused or acting something other than normal talk to someone about it. The only way it can be stopped is re-education or removal from the problem. Learn about some of the warning signs. If the child manages to grow up thinking those things are normal behavior they will continue the behavior.
My eldest son's bipolar website:

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