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Double busted.

You find things like this by taking unique phrases from the post. You can't find "Hi my name is Robbie" so good, because it won't 'phrase-grab'. This one was simple - "benn in any contry" is so badly spelt it defies belief that any normal person could have written it. It grabbed straight away off both Google and Metacrawler.

There are three classic signs of what I call "advertrolling"

1. Obviously, someone's first and only post which contains a hyperlink.

Well, of course.

2. Purposefully misspelt words, unnaturally mangled prose, stupid intent.

It's hard to believe some 30+-year-old ponytailed marketing whore's taint sat down and thought out the composition and structure of that post. But they did.

3. Always posed as a solution to a problem.

Never "hi my names Jamy and i roooooolly like"...

...but rather "hi my nanmes Jamie and i have great prooblems finding a fuckknuckle in the morning. do u guys have that trubble? anyway, seems like can help mi. well g2g."

Triple busted
And one more!

Notice how they're all dated very recently, either May or May 2*th. This is a recent campaign.

A word on this kind of advertising. It's one of the functions of what might be called viral or guerilla advertising. It's a hip new thing, and like most hip new things, it is both subversive in intent and a complete insult to the intelligence. Admittedly, it is the lowest grade of misrepresentation of the sphere of personal opinions, certainly not up there with paying for blog entries (a recent phenomena) or buying favourable press coverage (an old story). Still, it's fundamentally dishonest, and I hate it.

To put it in language more of you here may understand, there is something very fucking gay about it.

I wish I had a email address so I could deliver an official message to the Affordable Fuckfaces about their marketing ethics...

I just wrote this up at the old Cuntsworthy HQ. Enjoy.
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