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'Adver-trolling' - the latest advertising whoredom

hello my name is robbie next august its my birthday and i wanted to travel outside the states because i have never done it before, my mom says i should go to madrid spain because its a great city with lots of history, my dad says i should go to Rome and i am very conffused because i cant decide where to go, i also dont know where to buy all the things, like the airplane ticket , to book the hotel and all that, i was thinking maybe in a travel agency, some friends told me that on the internet the found a great escorted tour, which maybe right for me considering that i would be traveling alone and i have not benn in any contry other than the states, son probably a planned tour coul be fine, some friends bought a tour to Argentina on a web page and said it was great i think the page is WAD OF WHORECUM , but i dont know all that things i was wondering if some one could tell me if it was better to travel with a tour o r what and where to go rome or madrid i would sure appreciete it a lot


I have left this here so we can all get educated (or as Robbie would say "edukatted") on how this nasty little scam works. Caveat emptor, cunts!
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