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It may look familiar,

Okay, I know I've posted this tab once before, in the tapping thread, but here it is again, for those that never thought about it...

I play this in a 6/4 time with a triplet feel. When you reach the end of the second bar, repeat the whole thing once. (If you look in the "post YOUR band" thread, there's a link to the song where it's used, it's at the end of the song)


C ------5-----------5----------------8----------- (left ring finger)
G --7-----7-----7-----7-------10-------10-------- (right middle finger)
D ----7-----7-----7-----7--------10-------10----- (right index finger)
A 5-----------5-------------8-------------------- (left index finger)
E ------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------

C ------4-----------4--------------7------------- (left ring finger)
G --6-----6-----6-----6-------9------9----------- (right middle finger)
D ----6-----6-----6-----6-------9------9--------- (right index finger)
A 4-----------4-------------7-------------------- (left index finger)
E ------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------

As soon as I get a bit of time on my hands (lol) I'll take the time to tab out some more of our stuff. Not tapping, but some very interesting runs and riffs.


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