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Here's how I feel about the "rating songs with complexity figured in" thing.

I don't think it matters how complex a song is when you're rating a tab or transcriber. Think of it like this:

One guy tabs 10 songs that are very very simple, but they're 100% correct. Another guy tabs 5 songs that are very complex and they're 100% correct too. Who's to say the guy doing the easier songs isn't as good? Just because he opts to do easy songs doesn't make him less of a transcriber. If he DOES ever attempt a hard song, then you would still rate it based on how close it is to the song, not on his past performace rating or something. So if the easy-song-guy attempts a Dream Theater and people rate is 2-3, then you see in his profile "Ok I guess he's good at easy stuff but that may be it".

I don't know if that made sense or not, but I think a tab is a tab. You rate a tab based on the accuracy regardless of how hard it may be. When you look through a person's list of tabs, THEN you can see all the songs, judge for yourself if they're complex or not, and see the rating people have given.

The rating system will always be a little messed up though. I mean if someone has trouble figuring a song out, chances are they won't be able to tell if the transcriber got everything correct. A lot of times I'll see tabs missing a few open E palm mutes, or maybe they'll have power chords with the octave and it's just the root and fifth, or thirds being played as fifths, yet they get a perfect rating. It's understandable because to a lesser trained ear it does sound a lot like the CD and you can easily play along and get away with it, but it's not 100% accurate. The only way to fix it would be to have a panel of very experienced transcribers who can tab stuff pretty accurately so they can pick out those things. But because that would take an enormous amount of time, I think the system of letting anyone vote is good enough because chances are it all evens out. You should be able to list comments with ratings though, as it only helps the transcriber find mistakes or maybe explain why the tab IS correct and the rater is wrong.
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