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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
i'll sell you my voodoo hex'd/mig 100 for a grand (shipped) if you're down. i'm in need of some serious cash for college classes and shit.

as for the fireball v.s. the powerball. you'll be able to get pretty much the same sounds from the fireball. but less headroom, slightly less balls, and a smidget less volume(60w tube is still way loud though). not to mention you'll have a more limiting eq'. as it's basically a half the power/half the features version of the powerball.

the bogner uberschall imo is way different from any engl. imo it's got a nastier sound to it. as it's very dark and has more of a super marshall tone to it, than the modern, super tight/compressed high gain sound that engl's deliver.

both deliver the goods, just in different ways.

i'm definately into bogner's customer service, very personal and the LIFETIME WARRANTY. definately makes it worth it. even though they're so well built you'd probably never need it. it's just exta piece of mind when the drunk band mate decides to put his mug on your head.

Your voodoo is only 1 channel right? I want a good clean tone too. I'm also open to rack setups. Tube, SS, whatever kicks mucho ass.
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