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Rules for this forum are as follows:

  • NO personal attacks/pointlessly harassing fellow metaltabs children with the sole purpose of pissing them off. That's my job. Play nice or get your pee-pee smacked.

  • NO spam. No promoting of your band, and no looking for band members. Go to myspace for that sort of thing. These threads will be deleted without notice.

  • NO whining that we should permit nu metal or hardcore tablatures here, because it is a fight you will not win.

It is really that easy. Obide by these very simple, very broad rules, and we will get along just fine.

=================IN REGARDS TO THE PENDING TABS FORUM================

  • If you submit a tab and have a revision before the tab gets archived: Submit the tab again, just as you did the first. Then, post in the old thread you submitted, asking to close it.

  • Don't whine about your tabs getting not archived fast enough, because it won't make the process go any faster, and more importantly, and it just roils me.


    5 = 2 points

    4 = 1 point

    3 = 0 points

    2 = -1 point

    1 = -2 points

  • If you want to update a tab that you have archived at metaltabs, you need follow these steps:

    1. Log in

    2. Click on your tab count / score link under your name when you post. The link reads: Tabs: (x number) Score: (x number)

    3. You will see five columns ("Do" will not appear if you have not logged in) that read: Band | Tab | Type | Rating | Do

    4. Click "edit" next to the tab you want to update.

    5. Submit the tab as you did the first time.
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