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I'm not sure if you choose your adverts or whether they are given too you. I'm hoping that you choose what type of adverts appear on the site. Going by that, I can deal with the 2 adverts which side in from the left of the screen and bloack me from seeing my tab (one about smileys and one about mobile phones or something) but the one that appears at the top of the screen pisses me off to no end (I realise it changes and it's a random thing) It's the 'Jamster Mobile Club' one with that fucking stupid frog. What it does is play some fucking shitty midi techno crap music (which sounds broken up because of my net connection anyway) and when I press stop on my browser the music just keeps coming. I don't want this fucking shit playing while I'm trying to learn a song. Nor do I want it playing If I simply want to browse a tab while I'm liistening to some evil satanic black death metal and along comes the midi tune to "Eye of the Tiger" or something like that. I could copy paste the tab to a notepad and close the window, but that makes me less inclined to rate, and anyway, I shouldn't have to, and neither should the other visitors that use this as a tab resource everyday.

I sure hope you can change it man...
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