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this a great subject,that they need on the history channel or some shit. it started with gregorian chant by the roman catholic church, in the dark ages. the gregorian chant was originally in four modes:dorian,phrygian,lydian,and mixolydian. the devils interval (C,Eb,Gb,A,C) (notice how it ends on A C), or tri tones was banned saying it was connected with the devil. augumented suspends were also banned for the same reason, it does sound evil (Bb,Gb,A)and together they scare the crap out of me.
but music dates back before those days. like in india, the vega makes clear references to their sitar. or eygpt with harmonic minor (snake charmer) shit.
music is from all over the place it would be too hard to find the exact date and place it began. music is even a very clear refernce saying that asian people and native american people are the same thing.
i hope this is anything new
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