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Originally Posted by far_beyond_sane

I write to you today to proclaim the end of your recent stupidities, either by your own volition, or by me banning you until the year 2010.

This entire mess is a giant E-plea for attention, the mewlings of sad little teenagers with various boring psychoses who fail to realise:

a) The internet is not real life.
b) No-one cares what you think.
c) Life can never, and will never, be that serious.

This is an internet forum, so please treat it as such. DO NOT GET PERSONAL WITH OTHER FORUM MEMBERS. Like the very minimalist, very non-changing rules have said for such a long, long time.

If you have an argument, and you call someone a pigfucking cretin, a mongoloid squint-eyed queer or a turdfondling jackass, that's perfectly OK. If it wasn't, I would have banned myself years ago. But there is a big difference between 'your opinion is cuntish' and 'you are a cunt'.

There are many irritating people here. Just like life.
You have to learn to deal with them without being a whiny fagdancer. Just like life.
You will be quietly retired from the game if you can't be nice enough to hold your tongue occasionally. Just like life.

Remember, we hit you because we love you. And because we like it.

I have left this thread open so anyone who would like to take the opportunity to make a twat of themselves straight away can go first.

All my best wishes, and the best aged ham money can buy,


You silly fagdancing cunt. You think you will not be mocked, but I in fact am mocking you and I will not be mocked.
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