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Someone said nerd?

Cushing's Syndrome is more correctly called hypercortisolism (i.e. too much cortisol). It's usually caused by a tumour on the pituitary gland, most likely in your brother if he's of age. There are other causes but if I remember correctly they tend to be more severe (e.g. Cushings as a side-effect of cancer).

On a more personal level, it can be a motherfucker of a disease. Google for some images - symptoms like "moonface" and "buffalo hump" are really not pretty. Cushing's patients bruise REALLY easily, retain water and generally get obese and squashy, ending up somewhat weird looking.

The only good part - Cushing's is eminently treatable these days. If it's been diagnosed, I'm sure treatment is in the works. Doesn't make it any less serious though.

My best to your brother, and to you.
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