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This probably doesn't quite belong here, but I don't know where else to put it. Don't really fancy starting a new thread just to get banned.

Read this. It's pretty long but well worth the time spent, I laughed like hell because so much of it is true and it pefectly describes lots of people I know. I especially liked the power metal section and the Kerrang kid one. (Dunno if you all have Kerrang or not - it's a magazine in the UK that used to be about metal but is now packed full of Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Kelly Osborne etc etc).

None of the things in those lists refer to me, obviously. They're about everyone else. Yeah.

Couple of examples:

Extreme metal - "43. Play only Axis bass drum pedals."
Hardcore - "40 When people ask you if you like a band always say 'I only like the old stuff'"
Power metal - "1. No matter what you do, you are gay." and "3. Never go outside carrying a sword."

You get the idea. Funny stuff.
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