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Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad
Glad to hear that they would have been dissapointing anyways You suck Kylito, seeing them in the year I was born and all. I wish I was born in 1970 or so, that would have been cool.

Yeah, last tour they only had one cabinet each where I saw them and the scene was pretty lame. The 1988 show was in L.A. and they were at the top of their game and the metal scene was crazy back then. I keep hoping history will repeat itself fully and we'll see some amazing new bands popping up somewhere somehow.

The best part of that Death Angel show in L.A. was when some dude ripped off a rag that was tied around Rob Cavestany's leg and then Rob struck a chord, grabbed the guy by his hair and then kicked him in the face with a steel toed boot, then went back to playing like nothing happened. At the same show someone did a stage dive as the song ended and I could hear his body hit the floor from twenty feet away during the temporary silence.
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