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Originally Posted by DEAD
All I've been really listening to is late 80s/early 90s thrash. Mainly Testament - "The New Order", Annihilator - "Alice in Hell", Vio-Lence - "Eternal Nightmare", Watchtower - "Control and Resistence" and all Athiest albums. I need more, so any recommendations for me? I'd like specific albums also and please don't say anything like Slayer, megadeth, metallica, Exodus, yeah I've heard of all the mainstream ones.

Check these out motherfucker

KRUIZ - Kruiz
VENDETTA - Go and live stay and die
Brain damage
ACCUSER - Double talk
Who dominates who
DEATHROW (everything of them)

And you sure know TANKARD right?
"Chemical invasion" and "morning after" are one of the best thrash records ever.

But i guess most of these stuff is hard to find.
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