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Originally Posted by low-tech
someone told me japan has the best league, and that they could destroy any american team, so i'd be curious to see a US-japan showdown. i dont follow baseball, but that would be something i'd watch. or even a US-Cuba game

No. Japan is a great baseball country, but their major leagues are quite inferior to ours. Guys that are mediocre in the MLB that go to Japan end up looking good. Guys that are good in the MLB that go to Japan look great in thier league. The Japanese league teams are roughly the equivalent as AAA teams. AAA is the highest level in minor league baseball (the others being rookie league, single A, and double A).

The only thing going for Japan is that they have somewhere around 10-15 guys that are good enough to play MLB in the US, so those guys would (or could, anyway) go play for Japan.
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