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You gamma-minus fucktards
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Now how can I, as a monolingual English speaker, tell you rude things you already know? I will write you some interesting strings of f_b_s invective instead for I am drunk and you speak English like old people fuck - sloppily.

"You nasty fetid foul-mouthed syphilitic whore. I hope you rancid crotch rots and falls off your drug-emaciated body."

"What you are afflicted by is nothing more than weak and pathetic genetic stock coupled with your own massive insecurities and facial deformity that would make a hunchback vomit."

"You listen to Kylie Minogue. You are not a human being. You are the lowest form of life. You, in fact, are lower than a snake's arsehole. The fact that you are still alive causes me pain at nights and keeps me from sleep. The one tiny flickering fire inside me that keeps going is my corrosive hatred of you and everything you stand for and the hope that one day you will be eradicated like the insignificant, pathetic mollusc that you are. I pray with every fibre and shred of my being that you die - horribly, painfully and soon."

You should all put that last one in your breakup notes. I do hope added a little light to your collective days
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